Dear English teachers and Lecturers.

Pertaining to the need of High-Quality articles/papers dealing with ENGLISH TEACHING AND LANGUAGE; REGISTER: REGISTER, The journal of Language Teaching and Language study/Linguistics give great opportunity to anyone from academic circle to send his or her article by performing Online submission : CLICK HERE...

Enactment of Article Publishing Cost (APC)


Dear Authors,
This is to inform you that starting from the publication schedule of Vol. 12 No. 2, 2019 (December), REGISTER JOURNAL will apply Article Publishing Cost (APC) of IDR 1, 000,000 for local author and $ 100 - $ 500 for foreign author depends on the complexity of proofreading jobs. The APC will be applied to manuscripts which have been accepted by the Editorial Team for publication in the journal. 
Please do not hesitate to contact our administrator for further information about this.
Thank you.
Editorial Team
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A new Milestone for REGISTER JOURNAL


The board of editors thank to all reviewers, authors, readers, IAIN Salatiga and the Indonesian government who have contributed a lot for the achievement of the inclusion of  REGISTER JOURNAL to  Clarivate Analytics/ESCI / Web of Science and ASEAN Citation Index /ACI).
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The facility for creating new user has been locked


Dear all authors

There are lots of new authors asking the Support Contact of how to create a new user at REGISTER JOURNAL. Dealing with this, I'd like to inform that there is an error in our web system (the Raid of Freaky Hackers) , so that temporarily our facility for creating new user for author has been locked. Pertaining to this, please contact theWhatsapp Number of The Managing Editor
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Open Recruitment to be Honorable Editor and Reviewer


REGISTER JOURNAL editorial board welcomes you to join us to be Editor and Reviewer.
Status: Part time
Working language: English
Working style: Internet-based
Payment: Voluntary job, No payment

  Why review?

Peer review – and reviewers – are at the heart of the academic publishing process.
There are great benefits to becoming a reviewer. You can:
1. Establish your expertise in the field and expand your knowledge
2. Improve your reputation and increase your exposure to key figures in the field
3. Stay up to date with the latest literature and have advanced access to research results
4. Develop critical thinking skills essential to research
5. Advance in your career – peer review is an essential role for researchers

Participation in the peer-review process is absolutely essential to the success and reputation of the journal
. Reviewers along with the editors determine which work is of quality and significance. Due to extensive readership, the research and scholarship presented will ultimately have an impact on literacy in classrooms, nationally and internationally.
Reviewer's name will be listed on the journal's webpage.

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Thank you for taking your time for the review


Dear all REGISTER JOURNAL Reviewers

REGISTER JOURNAL REVIEWERS for Vol 11 No 2 (2018): Dr. Mundi Rahayu, Dr. Zaharah Binti Hussin, KC Lee,Ph.D, Adrian Rodgers,Ph.D, Prof. Gusti Astika, Finita Dewi, S.S,M.A, Prof.Dr. Nesrin Özdener, Dr. Iyabode Daniel , Dr.Sumbo Tinarbuko,  Dr. Alek

REGISTER JOURNAL REVIEWERS for Vol 11 No 1 (2018): Adrian Rodgers,Ph.D,  Dr. Iyabode Daniel, Noor Malihah,Ph.D, Nugrahenny Zacharias,Ph.D, Prof. Joseph Foley,  Norwanto,Ph.D, Dr. Maskanah Lotfie,  Prof.Dr. Endang Fauziati

 REGISTER JOURNAL REVIEWERS for Vol 10 No 2  (2017): Noor Malihah,Ph.D, . KC Lee,Ph.D, Dr.Dedi Sulaeman, Dr. Reza Kafipour, Dr. Anuncius Jati,M.A, SF Lukfianka Purnama,M.Hum,  Norwanto,Ph.D

 REGISTER JOURNAL REVIEWERS for Vol 10 No 1 (2017) : Adrian Rodgers,Ph.D,  Dr. Anuncius Jati,M.A, Dr.Dedi Sulaeman,  Noor Malihah,Ph.D, Prof.Dr.Gusti Astika ,Dr. Ismail Wekke. 

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For Register journal Authors


Dear author/s

It is a pleasure of receiving your paper submission but there are few things that I should deliver to you:
1. your paper is not in line with REGISTER JOURNAL guidelines pertaining to article template/lay out and you may study it by reading our guidelines at :
And please download and read these files : or (this link URL contains: Author guidelines, Article template, Statement of Originality, APA citation style guideline and Author biodata since REGISTER JOURNAL applies Double Blind Review).
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