“From Teacher-Centered to Students-Centered to Collaborative Learning” Illuminating My Teacher Knowledge through Narrative Inquiry

Hanung Triyoko


Teacher knowledge refers to the ways teachers know themselves and their professional work situations. This paper applies the narrative inquiry method to illuminate my own teacher knowledge. Through each vignette told in this paper, I will inquire into what I know and feel about English teaching-learning process and illuminate my teacher knowledge by referring to what education experts say regarding particular concepts of English teaching-learning. My students and I will have greater chance to share the values behind the students-centered classroom interaction, the Internet-based learning, or other kind of learning to follow in the future when ‘we’, not only ‘I’ redefine education practices at schools


Keywords: Narrative Inquiry; Teacher Knowledge; Vignette


Narrative Inquiry, Teacher Knowledge, Vignette

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.18326/rgt.v3i1.1-22


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