The Use of Contextual Teaching and Learning in Writing Subjects: A Case Study of the Second Year Students at SDN 3 Bareng Lor Klaten in 2013/2014

Lisrohli Irawati


In Globalization era, English becomes one of the crucial subjects to be taught. Generally, it is taught from the Elementary schools level to university levels. To be a creative and innovative teacher are important things to develop students’ ability because English is a foreign language. One of the method is to use CTL in teaching and Learning. The objective of this study is to find out about teaching and learning writing using contextual teaching and Learning (CTL) in the second year at SD N 3 Barenglor. The writer observed and made interview to the teacher and students to get data and the process of teaching and Learning using CTL. The object of this study involved 30 students; consist of 13 male students (boys) and 17 female 17 students (girls). The results show that CTL is used in teaching and Learning in SD N 3 Barenglor and CTL had succesfully improved the motivation of the students to study English.


Keywords: CTL ; Teaching and Learning ; English


CTL, Teaching and Learning, English

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