Tragedy and Moral Values in William Shakespeare’s Macbeth: A Structural Analysis

Sigit Cahyo Purnomo


This research is aimed to find out the structural elements and the moral values of the play. The subject of the research is the play Macbeth by William Shakespeare and the object of research is its intrinsic elements of the play and the moral values of it. To analyze the structural elements of the play Macbeth, the writer uses the objective approach that anatomizes the work of art itself without relating to external factors such as the universe, the artist and audience. The findings of the research show that (1) The theme of the play is a blind ambition. Macbeth is goaded by his more ambitious wife, Lady Macbeth, to be king by evil way. He uses ‗the goal which justifies the means‘ to obtain it. But it causes the downfall. (2) There are two main characters namely Macbeth and Lady Macbeth and seven minor characters namely King Duncan, Banquo, Three Witches, Macduff, Malcolm, Fleance, and Lady Macduff. (3)The setting of time happens in eleventh century ; Meanwhile, the setting of place happens in Scotland
and in England, Though, Shakespeare uses  the setting of place in beginning of every act. (4) The plot of the play starts from exposition, then it moves to rising action and reaches the climax or turning point. Later, it goes to falling action and the resolution. 5).Shakespeare as author always uses the third person point of view such as He, She, and the name of the character. (6)The language that is used is dialog language in the stage and it is old classic English.(7)The symbolisms of play which are standing out are blood and darkness. (8) The moral values are divided into positive moral values such as bravery, loyalty, affection, modesty as well as honesty, and negative moral values such as ambition, atrocity, temptation, vengeance.

 Keywords: Tragedy; moral values; structural analysis


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