Transactional and Interpersonal Conversation Texts in English Textbook

Ulin Nuha


In this study, The researcher analyzed the transactional and
interpersonal conversation texts found in grade VIII English textbook
entitled ―EOS English on Sky 2‖ and I also analyzed the linguistic
features of the transactional and interpersonal conversations in the
English textbook. This study focuses on the issues of structuralfunctional
approach which analyzes the speech function, structural
approach which analyzes linguistic features. This is a qualitative study.
In calculating the data and the final result of data percentage,
quantification was used to support this study. Units of analysis in this
study are moves and clauses. The conversation texts are presented in 8
units. The moves were analyzed functionally and the clauses were
analyzed structurally. The result shows that the speech functions of the
transactional conversation texts are 54.5% matching the standard of
content, the speech functions of the interpersonal conversation texts are
2.1% matching the standard of content. The linguistic feature applied in
the transactional and interpersonal conversation texts uses the linguistic
feature in functional literacy level. The speech functions of conversation
texts introduced in EOS English on Sky 2 for junior high school grade VIII are less compatible with the standard of content based on the
compatibility levels.

 Keywords: Transactional and interpersonal conversation texts; Speech function; linguistic feature.


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