Journal History

REGISTER JOURNAL is a forum of discussion that focuses on language (linguistics and literature) as well as language teaching studies. It aims at enhancing critical studies on the various actual phenomena from different prespectives. The word “REGISTER” in the name of “REGISTER JOURNAL” is derived from the lexicon “REGISTER” which is well-known for a linguistic variety regarded as appropriate to use in a particular speech situation.(Kortmann 2005: 255f). (Source: Register (sociolinguistics).

It was issued at the first time at june 2008 along with the name of REGISTER (p-ISSN : 1979-8903 at 24th January 2012) in a printed form and since 19th November 2015 as a milestone which marks a change from Not only a printed journal but at the same time to be Electronic or digital journal then it changed its name to be REGISTER JOURNAL for the E-ISSN Number:2503-040X (Online Media).

INFO UPDATE JUNE 2018: To improve the quality of REGISTER JOURNAL , the board of editors have decided to make some changes since June 2018.

1. Revising the article template.

2. Publishing ONLY six-8 articles per issue.

3. Adding more reputable reviewers and editors.