The Error Analysis on the Students of English Department Speaking Scripts

Setia Rini


Speaking skill is different from writing skill. Writing is a formal skill, so
as a writer he or she must be consistently follow the formal procedures.
It is different from the speaking skill which doesn‘t so strict in
accommodating the formal rules. The Writing of script at Speaking 2
lecture is the focus of this study because the scripts are presented after
they prepare for having conversation. Through writing the speaking
script the students learn carefully of khow to deliver a conversation
purposefully and use the language features correctly even in oral
communication. Moreover, in speaking they are able to convey their
feeling, emotion and thought. The purposes of this study are to know the
kind of grammatical errors made by the students of the English
Department in writing their speaking scripts and the sources of students
in making error in writing the speaking scripts. The researcher takes the
subjects of students of the second semester of the English Department
STAIN Salatiga in academic year of 2012/2013 as they took Speaking 2
subject. And to collect the data the researcher used test and
documentation. The result of this study explains that the writer analyzed
the errors made by the students included the use of grammatical rules,
vocabulary choice by implementing error analysis. In addition, the errors are analyzed such as the use of preposition, subject pronoun, object
pronoun, verbs and nouns, irregular verbs, tenses, pronouns and
possessive case, word choice, writing questions, and conditional

Keywords: error analysis ; Speaking skills ; writing and script


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