Dear English teachers and Lecturers.

Pertaining to the need of High-Quality articles/papers dealing with ENGLISH TEACHING AND LANGUAGE; REGISTER: REGISTER, The journal of Language Teaching and Language study/Linguistics give great opportunity to anyone from academic circle to send his or her article by performing Online submission : CLICK HERE...

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Dear all REGISTER JOURNAL Reviewers

REGISTER JOURNAL REVIEWERS for Vol 11 No 2 (2018): Dr. Mundi Rahayu, Dr. Zaharah Binti Hussin, KC Lee,Ph.D, Adrian Rodgers,Ph.D, Prof. Gusti Astika, Finita Dewi, S.S,M.A, Prof.Dr. Nesrin Özdener, Dr. Iyabode Daniel , Dr.Sumbo Tinarbuko,  Dr. Alek

REGISTER JOURNAL REVIEWERS for Vol 11 No 1 (2018): Adrian Rodgers,Ph.D,  Dr. Iyabode Daniel, Noor Malihah,Ph.D, Nugrahenny Zacharias,Ph.D, Prof. Joseph Foley,  Norwanto,Ph.D, Dr. Maskanah Lotfie,  Prof.Dr. Endang Fauziati

 REGISTER JOURNAL REVIEWERS for Vol 10 No 2  (2017): Noor Malihah,Ph.D, . KC Lee,Ph.D, Dr.Dedi Sulaeman, Dr. Reza Kafipour, Dr. Anuncius Jati,M.A, SF Lukfianka Purnama,M.Hum,  Norwanto,Ph.D

 REGISTER JOURNAL REVIEWERS for Vol 10 No 1 (2017) : Adrian Rodgers,Ph.D,  Dr. Anuncius Jati,M.A, Dr.Dedi Sulaeman,  Noor Malihah,Ph.D, Prof.Dr.Gusti Astika ,Dr. Ismail Wekke. 

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For Register journal Authors


Dear author/s

It is a pleasure of receiving your paper submission but there are few things that I should deliver to you:
1. your paper is not in line with REGISTER JOURNAL guidelines pertaining to article template/lay out and you may study it by reading our guidelines at :
And please download and read these files : or (this link URL contains: Author guidelines, Article template, Statement of Originality, APA citation style guideline and Author biodata since REGISTER JOURNAL applies Double Blind Review).
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